About Emily Norton - Chief Brand Manager


Emily Norton loves learning! She is constantly looking for areas to improve and enjoy in life. She brings ideas to fruition and helps everyone get on the same page. She works to improve customer satisfaction and workflow efficiencies. She is a mother of two boys and loves adventures in nature.
As part of the Sandalphon team, Emily, our Chief Brand Manager, provides marketing and branding strategy advice for clients. She is the President of Encompass Online Marketing Ltd., a sister company of Sandalphon. In her role, she provides strategic and execution advice in branding and marketing. Encompass works with over 100 small and medium size businesses. Her team uses both traditional and digital marketing tactics to succeed. 
Emily started her working career in the hospitality industry. This service industry experience set her up with the tools to deal with different personality types. Managing in the high-paced environment of the restaurant industry taught her how to deal with stressful situations and people. Restaurants depend heavily on the work culture and how work culture can make or break the customer experience. She went to work at Canadian Blood Services, which taught her the importance of systems and processes. Systems and processes alleviate stress for employees and ensure measurable results. 
Emily worked in the construction industry, she started working in administration since she is proficient at systems and problem-solving. She used the above skills and experience and applied them to ensure projects were successful and prove herself to be an invaluable asset to building growth.

Emily Norton Chief Brand Manager

Together we will make it happen.