About David Sherman- Consultant 


David Sherman has worked as an international professional consultant for over 28 years. His expertise, commitment to excellence and experience has enabled him work for a wide range of global clients, successfully addressing a vast range of business challenges, in many sectors from varied and diverse cultures.
From early on in his professional life David was attracted to being an entrepreneur, always interested in what it takes to go beyond the norm and produce extraordinary results. A fascination with self-development led him to Landmark Education, a world leader in personal development and professional business growth. In 1994 he became the first English person to join the senior faculty at Landmark Education Worldwide. David led Landmark's senior programs to thousands of people around the world until 2001. During that time, he had the opportunity to collaborate with other faculty members and a number of organizations to create some of the most powerful performance impacting educational material available today. 
In 2002 David switched his attention to developing his own methodology and approach tailored to the corporate world. His commitment is to make the biggest difference to the largest number of peoplepossible. David has strategic partnerships with hand-picked world class consultants from around the world.

David Sherman

Together we will make it happen.