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Before retiring in 2017, Dana Wilkins spent 29 years in Provincial Government in Saskatchewan. The last 13 years of which was as a Senior Executive Leader. Dana left government after completing his Master's Degree in Business Administration in Executive Leadership and International Study at the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business at the University of Regina to explore his passion for becoming a serial entrepreneur. He is passionate about assisting businesses with various issues in his business consulting firm. 
Dana has assisted several businesses and corporations in various industries and sectors, including Finance, IT, data analytics and labelling, construction, remedial massage, craft beer and distilleries, specialty coffee, industrial hemp and cannabis, and non-profit human service corporations and associations, to name a few. 
Dana has filled roles as CEO, VP and Executive and has focused on leading through crisis, business development, seeking new growth markets, digital marketing and branding, and generating new and innovative ideas for new products, services or markets. He does this by researching trends and markets and analyzing various environmental, political, legislative and regulatory threats or opportunities on the horizon. He presents them to the CEO to make "data-driven" decisions or risk mitigation strategies to best position the organization for growth and sustainability.

Dana Wilkins CEO

Each stage of a company's growth brings new demands to a business leader. Manage through these demands including increasing employee counts, new processes, new technology and communication systems. If that is not enough of a challenge, the market pressures are typically magnified as you attract new competitors at each stage of growth.
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Dana Wilkins

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