About Ben Tanfous - Foued

Bio - VP Research & Data

Ben Tanfous - Foued is an executive manager and data analyst at Sandalphon. Ben worked as a market and data analyst for the Xsense Cold Chain Management and was responsible for all of the company's worldwide data analytics projects. He played a key role in strategic planning and forecasting of market demand.
Prior to that, he has five years of experience in data and market analytics at Volkova LCC and Vilex Group. Ben was responsible for company planning and analyzing the tendencies, habits, and preferences of buyers. 
Ben earned an MBA from ESG (High Paris Graduate School of Management) Paris-France and obtained Ph.D. in Math (Probability and Statistics) at Lomonosov University. He is also a graduate (Engineer) from the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, where he majored in statistical and commercial engineering.
Businesses are gathering all kinds of information. Ben provides strategic information for businesses using big data and providing assessment of the data and its impact on the company's financial drivers. He creates, along with his team, an interactive visual dashboard of vital data (market, industry, performance metrics) so that companies can move to make "data-driven" decisions to maximize positive results.


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